Hermans Techniek, your supplier for pre-insulated pipes, buffertanks and heatexchangers!

Hermans Techniek has a leading position in the supply of pre-insulated pipes, storage vessels and heat exchangers for installers in residential and non-residential construction, district heating and greenhouse heating. Many consultants are also convinced of the products of Hermans Techniek and these products are recommended in various projects. Hermans Techniek has proven to be a reliable supplier for decades. We offer a personal, flexible and professional approach, whereby the interest of the customer is always the starting point.

After sales service
Hermans Techniek distinguishes itself by its outstanding product specifications, short delivery times and the excellent after sales service. Partly due to our fast service, our ability to deliver from stock, our customers rate us highly. The transport of our products will be arranged for you from start to finish.

ISO and SCC certified
Hermans Techniek has already had the experience and knowledge of the aforementioned products for over 30 years, as a result of which our quality system is ISO 9001-2008 certified. Hermans Techniek is also SCC* certified to perform assembly work (only on behalf of the installer).

Hermans Techniek is a sister company of Hermans Techniglaz, which has acquired a leading position in the supply of high-quality glass products in the field of Solar, Safety & Daylight.