The Cipex-HT plate heat exchangers are available in many different types and sizes. Each model has its own specific thermal characteristics in terms of pressure drop and efficiency.


Plate heat exchangers can come in many designs, demountable, soldered, semi-welded and fully welded. The materials used for the plates can also vary from AISI304 or AISI316 to titanium. Furthermore, there is a choice between thermally short or thermally long and a combination of plates. Optionally, an insulation jacket and/or drip tray can be purchased for the plate heat exchanger. Our specialists will ensure that you receive a quotation based on the wishes stated in your request.

Quotation tailored to your needs
Hermans Techniek will prepare a quotation tailored to your needs. You will receive the quotation within 1 or 2 days, unless specified otherwise and depending on the project size. Would you like more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or by telephone +31 (0)10- 5241000.


Geschroefde platenwisselaars:Plaatoppervlak 0.01 m m² tot 3 m²
Flowrange 0,005 m³ tot 2000 m³
Materialen:Stalen gemoffelde frames met platen in RVS, RVS-ti of Titanium
Pakkingen Nitril, EPDM of Viton
Gesoldeerde platenwisselaars:Temperatuurbereik van -180°C tot +200 °C
Werkdruk 30 bar en hebben KIWA- keur
Free Flow platenwisselaars:Deze platenwisselaar wordt ingezet daar waar sprake is van vloeistoffen met deeltjes
Plate- in- Shell
Combinatie van een platenwisselaar en een traditionele Shell & Tube warmtewisselaar.
Hogere efficiency
Drukbereik: PN16/PN25
Maximale temperatuur: 250°C
Aansluitingenø15 – ø500mm

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