Hermans Techniek has an extensive range of pre-insulated pipes. Nowadays, Hermans Techniek is often involved in the assembly of a project. In addition to the pre-insulated pipes, these projects include other pipes, such as PE or PB pipes. Solar thermal pipes are used when installing solar collectors.


It is no problem for Hermans Techniek to include these pipes in the quotation.


Our range of other pipes consists of:


  • Pre-insulated stainless steel pipes (AISI304 and 316)
  • Pre-insulated copper pipes
  • Pre-insulated PE and PB pipes
  • Pre-insulated steam pipes
  • PE pipes



For questions about the other THERMA TUBE pipes, please contact us via email verkoop@hermanstechniek.nl or by telephone +31 (0)10- 5241000.

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