Hermans Techniek has an extensive range of Therma-Tube pre-insulated PEX pipes in stock. These pipes are used for transportation, distribution, sanitation, block connections, heating and cooling systems. Well suited for renovation and new construction of smaller heating networks, especially at medium temperatures. We have many common sizes for the single version of the Therma-Tube PEX pipes in stock. In addition to the pipes, we also have REHAU press fittings in stock. We also have assembly tool boxes to press the fittings onto the pipes. Furthermore, we can supply screwed connections.


Hermans Techniek can also provide the installation of pipelines for installers (from the non-residential building sector), for which we are SCC* certified.


Mediumvoerende buis:Tapwater: Rehau PE-Xa (Vpe-a) buis SDR 7,4 ( met DVGW-keur en/of KIWA-keur op aanvraag)
CV en koeling: Rehau PE-Xa (Vpe-a) buis SDR 11 met EVOH zuurstofsperlaag volgens DIN 4726 (<0,10 g/m³ d)
Koudwater: PE-HD-buis SDR 11
Tevens kunnen wij de mediumbuis in koper aanbieden.
Temperatuurbereik:Tapwater: max. piektemperatuur 95°C, continue 70°C
Maximale drukbestendigheid: 10 bar
CV en koeling: max. piektemperatuur 95°C, continue 70°C
Maximale drukbestendigheid: 6 bar
Buitenmantel:Low density PE (LDPE)
Isolatiemateriaal:100% CKF-vrij geblazen PUR- of PE-schuim
Isolatiewaarde:0,0255 W/mK
Uitvoeringen:Single en meerdere leidingen per mantel (single-uitvoering deels op voorraad)
Diameters:DN 10 t/m DN 100
Rollengte:Afhankelijk van de diameter tot 550 meter
Koppelingen:Rehau perskoppelingen en schroefkoppelingen
Montage:Voor de montage van de leidingen hebben wij een aantal koffers met persgereedschap op voorraad

All THERMA-TUBE materials are produced by ISO 9001 certified factories in compliance with European Standard EN 15632/EN253 for pre-insulated flexible pipes.
All our THERMA-TUBE flexible PEX pipes on roll can be tailored to the needs and wishes of the customer.


  • Heat distribution systems
  • Hot tap water systems (KIWA quality mark)
  • Various applications in the industrial and agricultural sectors

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