Hermans Techniek has been a supplier for pre-insulated steel pipes for more than 30 years. Installers at home and abroad are successfully using our Steel/PUR/PE pipes and our experience in this area. The pre-insulated steel piping system (district heating) is the most widely used system for heating networks. At our location in Bergschenhoek, we have a stock of Therma-Tube pre-insulated steel pipes. This allows us to supply materials from stock in the event of emergency orders, provided the stock has not been sold out. As a result, the materials can be delivered to your project within 24 hours. For export orders, Hermans Techniek can assist you in transporting the materials to many destinations in Europe and beyond.


For installers from the non-residential building sector, Hermans Techniek can also provide the installation of the pipelines, for which we are SCC* certified.


Both Hermans Techniek and the factory are ISO certified. The pipes on the site are also certified in accordance with the Euroheat & Power guidelines for pre-insulated pipes. The factory complies with the environmental requirements stipulated in 14001:1998. For questions about the other Therma-Tube pre-insulated pipes, please contact us via email or by telephone +31 (0)10- 5241000.


Main pipe:THERMA-TUBE steel P235GH regarding PN-EN-10217-2 of 5 (welded), the outside surface of steel pipes is cleaned by shot peening in order to increase adhesion of the rigid polyurethane foam (PUR). Ends of a steel main pipe are prepared for welding by bevelling.
In case of using the pipes for transmitting hot service water, steel pipes are galvanized according to PN-EN 10240 and PN-EN ISO 1461 standards.
Temperature:till 165°C, based on a gradual warming and cooling of the system
Casingpipe: Casing is made of a polyethylene pipe of high density (PEHD) or a polyethylene pipe of high density (PEHD) with a diffusion barrier according to the requirements of the PN-EN 253 standard.
Therma Isolation: Insulation is made of rigid polyurethane foam (PUR) which evenly fills the spaces between the pipes on the whole length. Insulation is made according to the requirements of the PN-EN 253 standard. 100% CKF-free blown PUR- chells and a isolation thermal conductivity factor of: 0,025- 0,029 W/mK.
Diameters: DN20 - DN800
Joint assembly: Shringking joint made of PEHD polyethylene pipe sealed with thermoshrinkable tape.
Groud cover: Calculated with 80 cm ground cover
Nordic lekdetection system: The pipes are delivered till size DN250 with 2 alarmwires.
The pipes from DN300 are delivered with 4 alarmwires.

All THERMA-TUBE materials are produced by ISO 9001 certified factories in compliance with European standard for district heating EN 253, EN 448, EN 488 and EN 489 and Euro Heat & Power.


  • Thermal energy distribution systems (TES)
  • District Heating
  • Block connections
  • Chilled Water
  • Industrial and greenhouse applications

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