Therma Tube voorgeisoleerde leidingen voor Erasmus Medisch Centrum in Rotterdam

Hermans Techniek Netherlands has supplied and installed pre-insulated pipes for the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. The expansion of Rotterdam’s largest hospital is still in full swing. In 2002, the new construction organization received the letter of initiation from the then Minister for Health, which allowed the plans to be worked out for the large new building. In 2004, Phase 0 was launched, making the site ready for construction. The new hospital building, of which the actual construction was started in late 2009, will be taken into use in 2017.


Incidentally, an important part of existing buildings, such as the faculty tower, the education center and Erasmus MC-Sophia will remain in use just as it is now. Erasmus MC-Daniel den Hoed will leave the location on the Groene Hilleweg and move to the new building downtown.