Therma Tube voorgeisoleerde leidingen voor Spinoza Centrum in Amsterdam

On the grounds of the Academic Medical Center (AMC), the AMC is developing a building for neuro-imaging for the Spinoza Center, part of the Dutch Institute for Neuroscience (which is a part of the KNAW).

For this building, Hermans Techniek Netherlands has supplied the chilled water pipes as well as the high temperature water pipes. Together with our customer (installer), we also provided the installation of these pipes.

The building will have a surface area of approximately 1,680 m2 GFA, on approximately one-half of the building, a floor will be realized (575 m2 GFA with mainly office space). The AMC will be built on a terp (South-West-North). This terp reaches the height of the first floor at the rear of the building and slopes on the sides of the building. The front of the building is open; the façade covers the ground floor and the first floor.

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